Inniskeen Development Group

President Higgins arrives at PKC

Inniskeen Enterprise Development Group (IETG) is a voluntary community development group set up to preserve and promote the social and economic well-being of Inniskeen and the surrounding area. It aims to secure the future for Inniskeen as a healthy, happy, and prosperous place for all its inhabitants and for generations to come.

The group was formally set up in 1993 and since its establishment has successfully overseen the refurbishment of the Patrick Kavanagh Centre in the old St. Mary’s Church, the Poet’s Rest Coffee Shop (now Raglan Road Tea Rooms), and the running of the annual Craft Fair. Another recent initiative the Inniskeen Road July Evening festival has proved to be an immensely popular annual event. Consequently many visitors have been attracted from near and far, foremost among them being each of the last three presidents, his Excellency Michael D Higgins, Mary McAleese and Mary Robinson who opened the original Patrick Kavanagh Centre in 1994.

As a result of the many initiatives nurtured and developed over the years by the IETG, a cluster of new experiences and tourism oriented businesses have emerged in Inniskeen which is supporting the revitalisation of the village and wider area.

Contact us on 087 171 0592 / 087 987 3431 for more information