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Central to the Patrick Kavanagh visitor experience is Kavanaghs creative practice, the inspiration he took from his environment and the sublime art he produced throughout his lifetime.

To honour this legacy, the Patrick Kavanagh Centre endeavours to support creative and artistic practice, through a series of projects and events as part of an ongoing enquiry into Kavanaghs life and work.

We are currently developing a number of projects as part of the Creative Ireland programme. These include:

TAKING FLIGHT: An ongoing series of audio essays where contemporary artists respond to the Kavanagh canon. The first of these will be broadcast in Autumn 2021 on RTE LYRIC FM. Find out more here.

AUTHENTIC DISPENSATION: This project will explore memory, creativity and legitimacy in the context of rural Ireland. Project to begin Sept 2021

CHILDHOODS GARDEN: Project in development exploring themes of childhood in Kavanaghs writing (2021-23).

BURSARY PROGRAMME: Planned to begin in 2022.

Patrick Kavanagh